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Access to your provider when YOU need it
Weekends, holidays, and after-hours. Contact your provider via text, email, call, or patient portal messaging. 

Extended, Relaxed Visits
Feel comfortable visiting with your provider in your home or by telemedicine.


No Rush

Ayvee Lavender limits her practice size so that she has time to provide comprehensive and personalized care for you.

Appointments are not rushed so we can discuss all of your concerns thoroughly.

Easy and Accessible Scheduling
Book urgent appointments easily.


Continuity of Care

One provider for all members of the household. Call one time to get care and prescriptions sent in. You avoid multiple calls and trips to different doctor's offices. 

Discounts on Vitamins and Supplements

Create a free account to FullScripts and order supplements from LifeExtensions, VitalNutrients, Ortho Molecular Products and much more at wholesale price + your member discount

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Home Visit Services

  • Comprehensive annual physical exams

    • health screening recommendations based on your specific needs and health goals​

    • Breast Exams

  • Pediatric wellness exams for children ages 5+

  • Sports physicals for schools and recreational activities​

  • Adult care and Chronic disease management

    • Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heartburn, reflux, migraines

  • Weight Management

  • Geriatric care and chronic disease management

  • Blood pressure checks

  • Mental health care

    • depression​

    • anxiety

    • sleep disorders

  • Routine lab orders via LabCorp

  • Will order imaging/studies as needed and indicated

  • Will work closely with your specialists

Home Visit Minor Procedures

  • Skin suturing for minor cuts

  • Ear wash / ear wax removal

  • Rapid strep test

  • Abscess incision and drainage

  • Wart and skin tag removal


Virtual Visit Care - many conditions can be treated on the phone and with video technology

  • COVID-19 Therapy

  • Sick Visits

    • Sore Throat​

    • Upper Respiratory Infections, Allergies

    • Vertigo

    • Diarrhea

    • Rash, Acne

    • UTI

    • Athlete's Foot

    • Pink Eye

    • Motion Sickness

    • Shingles

    • Yeast Infections

  • Medication Questions and Refills

  • One-on-One Counseling of any of your concerns

We do NOT provide Chronic Pain Management.

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