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The Future of Family Practice

How is At Home Family Care different? 
We offer monthly memberships for individuals and their families at affordable rates to receive their primary care needs. Your medical care is individually tailored and you receive the care you deserve. 

What's included in my monthly membership?
Your monthly membership covers each member of the family, and your provider cares for the household with as many visits as necessary.

Send a message or call the provider anytime to follow up on health concerns. No more co-pays, deductibles, clinic visits, missing work, or waiting rooms.

About Ayvee Lavender FNP-C:

  • Promoter of Medical Freedom and Informed Consent

  • Provides home and virtual visits

  • Devout Christian

  • Mother of two boys

  • Pro-Life

  • Pro-Homeschooling

Membership Benefits

Anytime Access

Email, text, video chat, or patient portal messaging, your provider is a click away.

Unlimited Visits

Memberships include unlimited visits and can be made same or next day.

Convenient Home Visits

Bringing back provider house calls makes your care more accessible.

No Insurance

By removing the influence of insurance companies on your care, we put your care back in your hands.

Membership Benefits

Updated June 2022

Membership Pricing

To become a member, please book a free Q&A session to meet the provider.

AGES 5 - 18


Every Month

6 month minimum

Requires Adult Family Member

AGES 19 - 49


Every Month

6 month minimum

AGES 50 - 69


Every Month

6 month minimum

AGES 70+


Every Month

6 month minimum

Want to sign up? Let's get to know each other with a quick Q&A first.
Schedule a FREE 15min Q&A to decide if a membership is right for you. This is NOT a medical visit.

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